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I write about sex, possibly too much. To look less pervy, I also write magazine articles on real estate, green living, parenting, entertainment, business, wellness, and other fully-clothed activities.

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Why We Have Sex | Alternet

People need connection, man.

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Why Aren't Men Using Sex Toys?

Important Question of Our Times: Why Aren't Men Get...

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What Happens at a Sensuous Retreat Where Women Get in Touch with Their Sexual Desires

Sex coach teaches women to "light your pussy's pilot light" at pricey Tuscany retreat....

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Women Like It 'Just as Dirty as Men': Meet the Pornographer Who Films Women's Sexual Confessions

Erika Lust's movies are characterized by high-production values, gorgeous locales and a cheeky sense of fun....

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Meet the Woman Who Critiques Hundreds of Penises Every Day

Men open up about some of their biggest bodily insecurities: the size and shape of their penises....

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9 Amazing Sex Museums That'll Blow Your Mind (Humans Are Inventive When it Comes to Sex)

Just don't call yourself a sex tourist, 'cause that's a whole different thing....

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6 Weirdest Sex Accessories

From scented sex sprays to artificial hymens....