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I write about sex, possibly too much. To look less pervy, I also write magazine articles on real estate, green living, parenting, entertainment, business, wellness, and other fully-clothed activities.

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Shutterstock 211212910 620x412 article

Woman-Pleasing Wisdom for Today's Porn-Taught Gentleman

8 lessons men raised on porn need to learn - Salon....

Ecstatic face 620x412 article

“Behold the glory of the p*ssy!”: My orgasmic meditation awakening

I never expected I'd feel so empowered lying naked below the waist next to a stranger with two fingers full of lube...

Shutterstock 44718151 article

The simple “secret” to making a woman orgasm no one understands

A fun new documentary offers a refreshingly straightforward solution to one of the bedroom's most vexing mysteries...

Sex ed article

8 impossibly dumb things we teach kids about sex

It's more than abstinence-only and sperm meets egg. Here's what we should be teaching them...

Screen shot 2015 04 10 at 5.01.59 pm e1428696179981 1280x824 article

The 7 smartest, classiest porn sites

Smut doesn't have to be so boring and conventional. Sites like Hysterical Literature prove it can even be artistic VIDEO...

Pink mouth fleshlight 1280x960 article

Portable vaginas and onaholes: The 7 weirdest sex toys for men

Manufactures are trying to tap into new markets, and the results are gloriously, hilariously bizarre...